Our Slimline Thinthotic enables a natural heel-to-toe rolling of your foot from the lateral (outside) and medial (inside) aspect of the foot, neutralizing the heel and assisting in its upright position. The semi-flexible design helps provide active cushioning to prevent sore feet, slackness, fatigue, and pain in the knees, hips and spinal column. Over time, the efficiency of your feet is improved and the muscles and ligaments are no longer overstressed.

Thinthotics are constructed with very thin walls that have extremely high shape stability due to it’s superior materials and design. Thinthotics remain active, resilient, and continue to offer support and comfort for 12-15 years. Resistant to foot sweat, unbreakable and abrasion-proof, the thin design makes it easy to fit in any dress shoe, boot, or loafer without changing shoe size.

Proper sizing requires our Print Kit, which we will ship to you first. As soon as you return the completed kit to us, we will determine your correct size and ship your orthotics immediately.


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