Advanced Stabilizer




Our Advanced Stabilizer orthotic gently cradles your foot from the (outside) lateral and (inside) medial arches. The high flanged, deep cupped heel design neutralizes your heel aligning your hind foot with your forefoot. This design redistributes your body weight to relieve pain and pressure from your heels, arches, balls and toes of your feet. The Stabilizer can reduce ankle, knee, hip and back pain. It is highly recommended for flat feet and high arches.

The Stabilizer is made of a long lasting material that will not absorb odor, contains an anti-fungal and does not flatten out. It’s extremely durable and should last from 8-10 years. Adjustment time for all day wearing is 7 to 10 days, so be patient. Allow the stabilizer to work its magic.*

Proper sizing requires our Print Kit, which we will ship free of charge to you first. As soon as you return the completed kit to us, we will determine your correct size and ship your orthotics immediately.


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